The Aztec Temple

The Aztec Temple

800 years ago, an Aztec shaman pronounced a great curse over the entire world and its population. This curse was said to cause the world to end after 818 years. After a severe earthquake, a new temple was discovered in Mexico, which was believed to be the temple of this malevolent shaman. At the entrance of this temple, hieroglyphs were found in which the shaman declared that only the one with a clear mind can end his curse and save the world from damnation.

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It is necessary to book an escape room in advance at Room of Riddles. We reserve the time slots only for you and your team. It is not possible to play an escape game without an appointment. Until 4 days before the reservation, it is possible to cancel an escape game, and the full amount will be refunded. After this deadline (or in case of a no-show), you will not receive a refund.

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