How long does an escape game take?

The escape game itself takes 60 minutes. Before you enter the escape room you’ll get a 15 minute briefing. One of our riddle masters will tell you the doss and don’ts. After the briefing you’ll be escorted to one of the escape rooms. The escape room is then locked, painfully slow. Then it’s up to you!

What can I bring or not bring into the escape rooms?

Mobile phones, cameras, laptops, pens, keys, and dangerous objects are not allowed to be taken into the escape rooms. We expect you and your teammates to arrive 15 minutes (at the latest) before your escape game starts.

How old do I have to be to take part in an escape game?

Minimum age is 16 years. Persons from the age of 14 years are allowed but only when accompanied by adult.

In which language can we play in the escape rooms?

Our escape rooms are in English. The ‘Secret Tombe’ is a game without language.

Is there parking nearby?

Under the building in which we are located, you’ll find an underground (paid) parking lot (Roosevelt) which you can use.

Do I need my reading glasses

Wear your reading glasses if you need them.

What is the maximum capacity per time slot?

Our maximum capacity per time slot is 21 people. You will be divided across three escape rooms. If you want to do this with a larger group, you’ll be divided across two or more time slots. You’ll have no trouble killing time while you wait, because we are in the heart of Antwerp and will happily give you some suggestions.

How many escape games can I choose from?

We have three escape rooms: The Harbour, maximum of 6 people, The Mad Scientist, maximum of 8 people, and The Secret Tomb, maximum of 7 people.

What if I want to reserve multiple rooms at the same time?

If you want to reserve two or more rooms, we advise you to always contact us.

Can I get a group discount?

Large groups who want to reserve multiple rooms are advised to email us. We will choose the best time for you. Groups with more than 21 people get a discount. Ask about this via the contact form.

May I participate in an escape game while under the influence of alcohol/drugs?

It’s not permissible to take part in the escape games while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.