Escape Rooms


Room of Riddles offers you four challenging escape games in the center of Antwerp. An escape game is a game where you are physically locked into one of our escape rooms. The world outside doesn’t exist anymore. You forget about everything else and start a race against the clock.

After stepping into one of the escape rooms, you’re on an emotional roller coaster ride. Despair, joy, excitement, and adrenaline. By solving puzzles and riddles you’ll find the way to the key of freedom. The key that will free you from the escape room. That euphoric moment, thats’s why you do it!

  • 60 Minutes of thrills and chills
  • +/- 30 Minutes for briefing and debriefing
  • For young & old
  • Minimum age of 16 years

Escape Rooms

ANTWERP HARBOUR - 2 to 7 people ***

Antwerp is one of the largest harbour cities in Europe. This escape room is all about Antwerp, harbours, excitement, and challenge. Bring your A-game and show us what you've got!
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THE MAD SCIENTIST – 2 to 8 people ****

In this escape room, you'll take on the role of the secret service. You must do everything you can to save Antwerp from destruction. A scientist has lost his mind and hidden a devastating time bomb in Antwerp. Your job? Unmask the mad scientist and disarm his devastating bomb. Will you become the hero of Antwerp?
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THE SECRET TOMB – 3 to 8 people *****

In this escape room, you will transport yourself to the time of pharaohs and pyramids. You will try to unravel the secret of pharaoh Tutankhamun. In 1922, his almost intact tomb was discovered by Howard Carter. However, those who have entered this tomb are said to be cursed... Beware of the curse of this pharaoh!
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The Aztec Temple - 3 to 8 people *****

800 years ago, there was an Aztec shaman who had pronounced a great curse over the entire world and its population. This curse was said to cause the world to end after 818 years. After a severe earthquake, a new temple was discovered in Mexico, which was believed to be the temple of this evil shaman. Hieroglyphs were found at the entrance of this temple, in which the shaman proclaims that only the one with a clear mind can end his curse and save the world from damnation.
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