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The most exciting and challenging escape games in Antwerp

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Why Room of Riddles?

Room of Riddles is the most exciting and challenging indoor activity in Antwerp.
In four thrilling escape rooms, you’ll be in a race against time and challenge your mind.
Put your creativity, deductive powers, and skills to the test!


You don’t enter an escape room on your own! No… you’ll work together as a team with your co-workers, friends, or family.
Together you’ll use everything in your power to escape from our immersive escape games.
Room of Riddles is the number one thrilling activity for birthday parties, team outings, or bachelor/ette parties. Come on, show us what you’ve got!


ANTWERP HARBOUR - 2 to 6 people ***

Antwerp is one of the largest harbour cities in Europe. This escape room is all about Antwerp, harbours, excitement, and challenge. Bring your A-game and show us what you've got!
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THE MAD SCIENTIST – 2 to 8 people ****

In this escape room, you'll take on the role of the secret service. You must do everything you can to save Antwerp from destruction. A scientist has lost his mind and hidden a devastating time bomb in Antwerp. Your job? Unmask the mad scientist and disarm his devastating bomb. Will you become the hero of Antwerp?
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THE SECRET TOMB – 2 to 7 people *****

In this escape room, you'll go back in time to the age of pharaohs and pyramids. You must try to unravel the secrets of the great pharaoh King Tut. His virtually untouched tomb was found by Howard Carter in 1922. At the time, the tomb contained more than 3,500 fully intact artifacts, but also an amazing secret. However, whoever dares to enter his tomb will be cursed.. Beware.. of the curse of the Pharaoh!
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The coveted key

In the end, you're doing it all for that coveted, liberating key. Ready for a challenge?

Race against the clock

In all of our escape rooms, TIME is your greatest enemy. The sound of the seconds ticking away will give you chills!

Brain teasers

Puzzles, riddles. You'll be constantly put on the wrong track. It'll drive you crazy, and you won't be able to see the forest for the trees!

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